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The Leadership Model Inclusive Leadership And...

Ethical Leadership Models Research has shown inclusive leadership is based on leadership that is ethical and all-encompassing driven by the leaders desire to honestly connect to subordinates. Ethical leaders such as Authentic, Servant, and Strategic understand the importance of all subordinates regardless of race, creed, color or national origin play an equally important role in the strategic organizational plan. Such traits allow leaders to effectively engage with subordinates of a wide variety of cultural, demographic, and social constrictions. This assignment will address the role of inclusive leadership in strengthening the organizational culture among a diverse global group of employees. The organization is planting business operations in Greece, Singapore, Germany, and Iran and will be hiring employees from these diverse nations to work along with staff from the United States. The researcher has been hired as a consultant to bring the group of workers together and is tasked with synergizing the multicul tural group into a cohesive group of high- performance workers. Traits of Inclusive Leadership According to Korsakiene Diskiene (2015) traits are the distinguishing factors that differentiate inclusive leaders from their peers, in leadership theory. There have been six major traits identifies of which an inclusive leader possess. The following traits differentiate inclusive leaders from other types of leadership in a domestic or multinational organization. Each of theShow MoreRelatedInclusive Leadership And Its Impact On Cultural Diversity1517 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal organizations create a need for diversity. It is in our schools, our classrooms and conference rooms, and our community. Diversity encompasses many aspect of our lives such as: race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, education, and background. Inclusive leadership model brings us together by using our knowledge and our differences. Ospina, Hdidy, and Caicedo (2011) define inclusive leadership as an organizational culture that consistently produces results that benefit all of thoseRead MoreInclusive Leadership : Forming A Global Team1114 Words   |  5 PagesInclusive Leadership: Forming a Global Team Cornelius Cash Grand Canyon University LDR804-Leading across Cultures September 21, 2016 t: Ethical Leadership Models Research has shown inclusive leadership is based on leadership that is ethical and all-encompassing driven by the leaders desire to honestly connect to subordinates. Ethical leaders understand all subordinates regardless of race, creed, color or national origin play an equally important role in the strategic organizational planRead MoreDiversity Training And Cultural Sensitivity Training Essay897 Words   |  4 PagesLeading in a Culturally Diverse Global Society As organizations become increasingly global, the success of organizations is dependent on the leaders skills in merging diverse cultures in building high performance teams across multiple countries. Global organizations are required to adapt to continuous changes in culturally diverse global business environment. Multinational leaders must become adapt to leading a culturally diverse workforce if the organization is to become transcontinental. ThereforeRead MoreDiversity Management and Cultural Intelligence1260 Words   |  6 Pagessuccessfully compete in a global marketplace. Corporations can no longer use lack of cultural intelligence as an excuse. Organizations pursuing global success must embrace diversity in their thoughts, actions, and innovations. Diversity doesn’t just focus on making the numbers, but how the organization’s business model is rooted authentically with its people. More and more leaders are realizing that they just don’t connect naturally with the changing face of global consumers. In today’s global workplace, diversityRead MoreGlobal Diversity Management at Ericsson1598 Words   |  7 Pagespromotion, and retention of employees who are different from the privileged echelons of society. The privileged groups may vary from one country to the next. The workforce of the world is a dynamic environment, and in order for this dynamism to be put to use for the benefit of organizations, they must develop an effective strategy for managing diversity. Global Diversity Management refers to the voluntary organizational actions that are designed to create greater inclusion of employees from various backgroundsRead MoreDiversity Management1730 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Workplace diversity practices refer to efforts organizations engage in to provide an inclusive corporate culture that values differences and promotes opportunities for all employees. Traditionally, diversity programs have focused mostly on race and gender and other physical dimensions. However, today ¡Ã‚ ¦s definition of diversity covers a broad spectrum of individual and group differences ranging from work styles and generational perspectives to political and religious preferences.Read MoreLufthansa: Going Global, but How to Manage Complexity2423 Words   |  10 PagesLufthansa Aviation group has become a worldwide leader in the airline industry with several powerful business segments, inclusive of a passenger airline component, business component, logistics, MRO catering and IT services. The aviation success has been largely due to their focus on quality, innovation, safety and reliability. Head quartered in Germany, Lufthansa has lead the pack with regard to international airline business. The Aviation Groups’ International Business Strategy has evolved toRead MoreLeadership Competencies For Managing Diversity Essay1952 Words   |  8 Pagesto und erstand the leadership competencies needed when managing diversity within an organization from an empirical article titled â€Å"Leadership Competencies for Managing Diversity† (Linde, Havenga, Visagie, 2011). Furthermore, an in depth look at examinations of different leadership styles theories will be included to explain their differences and how each style ranks when managing diversity in organizations. A definitive look at how experiences of managers can convey their leadership styles by referencingRead MoreEssay on Cultures Critical Role in Change Management2524 Words   |  11 Pagesattitudes, and values that constitute to the culture that prevails in an organization. Culture, a very common word in today’s world, plays a very vital role in organizations and it not only affects an employee’s professional development but also their personal harmony. Culture gives a sense of belonging to people, a sense of who they are and how productive they are at their wor k place. It helps in interacting with each other at a work place. Culture varies from one organization to another as itRead MorePolyProds Management Information System: A Case Study3977 Words   |  16 Pagesidea of globalism continues to break down cultural barriers. As this continues it will be essential for organizations to not only understand, but embrace cultural differences and styles (Trebing Estabrooks 2005). Clearly, the changing demands of global stakeholders require new ways of approaching divergent customer bases. There are differences in style, skill, education and attitude in every organization now accentuated when we think of the multi-national organization. In our case study, for instance

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Essay Pirates and Emperors by Noam Chomsky - 2692 Words

Pirates and Emperors by Noam Chomsky â€Å"St. Augustine tells the story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great. How dare you molest the sea? asked Alexander. How dare you molest the whole world? the pirate replied. Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you, doing it with a great navy, are called an emperor.[1] This extract from Noam Chomsky’s book ‘Pirates and Emperors’ highlights the relativity of terms and labels, showing how different viewpoints result in different interpretations of the same incident. Chomsky uses the passage to discuss terrorism in its most literal sense as referring â€Å"†¦to the†¦show more content†¦The aims and conduct of Palestinian groups will be compared briefly with pre – 1948 Jewish groups - guerrilla fighters in the eyes of Jews, terrorists in British eyes. An ironic reversal has placed the guerrilla fighters/ terrorists onto the role of ‘Emperor’, facing the mammoth task of maintaining an order that effectively promotes and gives rise to guerrilla fighters/ terrorists. The two main issues to be discussed in this section are the Al Aqsa Intifada and the israeli response. Secondly, the use of suicide bombings by Palestinians as a political and military tool by the Palestinians will be examined. The core of the debate can be summed up by phrases such as â€Å"one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter† or â€Å"Terrorism, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder†.[3] The formulations are far too simple however, to account for complex situations. Complexities, that stretch the boundaries of suffering and the Human capability of cruelty, in so doing stretching the moral constraints on what is legitimate and what is not. At the end of The Second Great War of Europe for example, after the horrific suffering faced by the Jewish race amongst others, the Zionist aim of establishing a Jewish state had further justification for attaining its objective. The primary issue in 1945 was of Jewish immigration to Palestine, the British opposed theShow MoreRelatedIslamophobia in Britain2477 Words   |  10 PagesMuslims in Britain, (August 2002) 4. London’s Quality Newspaper â€Å"Evening Standard†, Published: Monday 05/02/07 5. Michael Connolly, Townshend-Smith on Discrimination Law:Text, Cases and Materials, 2th ed, (Great Britain,2004) 6. . Noam Chomsky, Pirates and Emperors, Old and New. International Terrorism in the Real World, (London,2002) 7. Wolfgang Bedenek and Alice Yotopoulos-Maragopoulos(Eds), Anti-Terrorist Measures and Human Rights, (Leiden,The Netherlands,2004)

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The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison - 2146 Words

Instead of making the plot of â€Å"The Bluest Eye†, center around events of overt racism or such African American issues in order to address the looming specter of slavery and race, the focus of the book and this analysis of The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison presents readers with a more complicated and ultimately deeper portrayal of the effects of racism via an emphasis on the way self-hatred plagues the black characters. In the narrator’s description of how the Breedlove family was ugly, it is stated in one of the important quotes from â€Å"The Bluest Eye†, â€Å"You looked at them and wondered why they were so ugly; you looked closely and could not find the source. Then you realized that is came from conviction, their conviction. It was as though some mysterious and all-knowing master had given each one of them a cloak of ugliness to wear and they had each accepted it without question† (39). What Morrison is stating here is that the feeling of low self-wor th after years of being put down is still perpetuating and is resulting in an ugliness that is constantly felt, if not directly seen. More importantly, the narrator suggests that they accept this imposed feeling of ugliness and lack of self-worth without questioning its source and it is this accepting of self-hatred, a hatred that comes from outside the family is one of the biggest problem faced by the family. However, it is not just the family that suffers from this feeling of polarity caused by black self-hatred, it is the entireShow MoreRelatedThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison1720 Words   |  7 Pagesof The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison, criticizes the danger of race discrimination for any kinds of situations with no exception. The purpose of the paper is explain how pervasive and destructive social racism was bound to happen in American society. The intended audiences are not only black people, but also other races had suffered racism until now. I could find out and concentrate on the most notable symbols which are whiteness, blue eyes and the characterization while reading the novel. Toni MorrisonRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison1587 Words   |  7 Pagessaid, â€Å"We were born to die and we die to live.† Toni Morrison correlates to Nelson’s quote in her Nobel Lecture of 1993, â€Å"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.† In Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye, she uses language to examine the concepts of racism, lack of self-identity, gender roles, and socioeconomic hardships as they factor into a misinterpretation of the American Dream. Morrison illustrates problems that these issues provoke throughRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison956 Words   |  4 PagesHistory of Slavery Influenced the Characters of The Bluest Eye Unlike so many pieces of American literature that involve and examine the history of slavery and the years of intensely-entrenched racism that ensued, the overall plot of the novel, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, does not necessarily involve slavery directly, but rather examines the aftermath by delving into African-American self-hatred. Nearly all of the main characters in The Bluest Eye who are African American are dominated by the endlessRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison1189 Words   |  5 PagesA standard of beauty is established by the society in which a person lives and then supported by its members in the community. In the novel The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, we are given an extensive understanding of how whiteness is the standard of beauty through messages throughout the novel that whiteness is superior. Morrison emphasizes how this ideality distorts the minds and lives of African-American women and children. He emphasizes that in order for African-American wom en to survive in aRead MoreThe Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison1095 Words   |  5 PagesSocial class is a major theme in the book The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Toni Morrison is saying that there are dysfunctional families in every social class, though people only think of it in the lower class. Toni Morrison was also stating that people also use social class to separate themselves from others and apart from race; social class is one thing Pauline and Geraldine admire.Claudia, Pecola, and Frieda are affected by not only their own social status, but others social status too - for exampleRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison2069 Words   |  9 Pagesblack/whiteness. Specifically, white people were positioned at the upper part of the hierarchy, whereas, African Americans were inferior. Consequently, white people were able to control and dictate to the standards of beauty. In her novel, ‘The Bluest Eye’, Toni Morrison draws upon symbolism, narrative voice, setting and id eals of the time to expose the effects these standards had on the different characters. With the juxtaposition of Claudia MacTeer and Pecola Breedlove, who naively conforms to the barrierRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison1103 Words   |  5 Pages Toni Morrison is known for her prized works exploring themes and issues that are rampant in African American communities. Viewing Toni Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye from a psychoanalytical lens sheds light onto how, as members of a marginalized group, character’s low self-esteem reflect into their actions, desires, and defense mechanisms. In her analysis of psychoanalytical criticism, Lois Tyson focuses on psychological defense mechanisms such as selective perception, selective memory, denialRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison Essay1314 Words   |  6 PagesThe Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, encompasses the themes of youth, gender, and race. The African American Civil Rights Movement had recently ended at the time the novel was written. In the book, Morrison utilizes a first-person story to convey her views on racial inequality. The protagonist and her friends find themselves in moments where they are filled with embarrassment and have a wish to flee such events. Since they are female African Americans, they are humiliated in society. One of Morrison’sRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison1462 Words   |  6 PagesBildungsroman literature in the 20th century embodies the virtues of different authors’ contexts and cultures, influencing the fictional stories of children’s lives around the wo rld.. The Bluest Eye is a 1970 publication by Toni Morrison set in 1940s Ohio in America, focal around the consequence of racism in an American community on the growth of a child, distinct in its use of a range of narrative perspectives. Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid is a novel set in post colonial Antigua, published in 1985Read MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison992 Words   |  4 PagesSet in the 1940s, during the Great Depression, the novel The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, illustrates in the inner struggles of African-American criticism. The Breedloves, the family the story revolves around a poor, black and ugly family. They live in a two-room store front, which is open, showing that they have nothing. In the family there is a girl named Pecola Breedlove, she is a black and thinks that she is ugly because she is not white. Pecola’s father, Cholly Breedlove, goes through humiliated

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Case Study Analysis on Apple Implemented Strategies

Question: Describe about the Case Study Analysis on Apple for Implemented Strategies. Answer: Introduction: No matter how big a player one is in the market, problems are part of every organizations life (Reason 2016). Apple is one such big player whose success stories are in plenty but still it has some issues to deal with that sometimes acts as a speed breaker in its way of moving forward. Apples reputation in the market is one to be jealous of, but it too has issues internally and externally and of late the reputation has taken a beating. The company has faced some issues after the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. iPhone has been a popular choice for people over the years but with cropping up of issues the organisation must put the spotlight on solving those problems as quickly as possible. Over the years it has emerged as one of the giants in the computer and electronics industry with its implemented strategies being the best (Korten 2015). But the path has not been that easy to get to the place where it is today. The market has become very competitive and one small mistake can lead to thousands of adversity. People have said innumerous number of times that a big organization like Apple does not requires a Public relation department but it is one of the major parts of the organisation. Professional Accounting and Public Relation problem associated with Apple Inc. Apple uses SAP software worldwide and it has one of the most efficient and best accounting system standards. To know the problems faced by Apple in its accounting system, first we need to look into the functionality of the same. It is very cost effective Helps in decision making and determining the organizational goals Develop the products quality Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of companys profit Helps in collection and procession of data As stated earlier Apple uses the SAP software, its functionality with the company are: SAP is one of the most popular software used by the big corporate globally The software provides packages for different applications such as supply chain management, purchase, asset management and enterprise resource planning. Accounting system of any company helps in matters such as safety, cost efficiency, forecasting and determining speed at which the firm works (Bebbington and Larrinaga 2014). SAP software has its own benefits too. It helps in minimizing redundancy risk like quality inspection and supervision. It also facilitates in helping develop a more efficient environment and solves the problem of language barrier and currency rates. SAP assists in enhancing the knowledge. Problems with Apples Accounting System: In July 2013, Turkish security researcher Ibrahim Balic hacked the developer portal of Apple. The company issued a statement later saying that the hacking incident might have stolen information about their around 2, 75,000 registered third party developers who were in the habit of using it. The hacking led to a speculation among developers that the portal might have experienced a database break down or it has been hacked. Ibrahim Balic claimed that his intention was not to hack the site but to let Apple know the flaws it has in its system that was leaking valuable information. Apple was never on the same page with Ibrahim as it shut down the portal, updated the server software and rebuilds the entire database. This incident did manage to point out the loopholes in the Apples accounting system. Other situations or problems that might occur are the danger to accounting information, security measures and management. The SAP software is a tad too expensive and its inflexible nature can cause a problem or two to go along with its not being user friendly. Moreover SAP requires a signed agreement by the company for its use and it holds that company to the vendor until the end of that contract. Accounting does face a lot of challenges these days, irrespective of any organization. Certain issues which present business with challenges are: Development of new business 70.5% Finding good talent 51.1% Changes related to internal matters 33.0% Technological issues 30.7% Meeting clients expectations/Deals 29.6% Organizations that are able to face these challenges with proper strategies stand out from the rest in the market. International competition with more and more competitive pressure is bogging down the firms to organic growth (Fogliasso and Williams 2014). There is intense competition and challenges to generate new leads are becoming difficult. Talented people are always welcome in organizations and a firms reputation plays a vital role in hiring the best in the market for the optimum output. Apples reputation is huge in the market and for it acquiring the best people is not a hard job. Its from todays recruitment that leaders of tomorrow are born. Big organizations do boost of highly intelligent visible experts who shape up the brand image among both clients and employees. No matter how talented one is, he cannot work forever, so an organization needs to be in a continuous cycle of developing leaders and for that visibility experts need to assist the firms. Technological issues and dealing with clients expectations are a struggle that firms face every single day (Christensen 2013). Technological needs and related clients expectations are difficult to deal with. Clients do expect big service from the firms and they expect their problems to be solved as fast as it can be. Client satisfaction is a huge thing in todays market and firms cannot overlook it. Firms do look for the kind of clients they are best suited for, or the section of people who have been the real backbone in adding profit to the companys account, the loyal customers. Problem 1: iCloud Breach The popular iCloud was getting hacked with hackers focusing on top level female celebrities, stealing their private images and videos that raised doubts on iClouds security system. Apple did issue a statement after this but the situation did not boil down. The public relation response of Apple stated that they investigated the cases of security breach but none of the cases were related to Apples system including iCloud and Find my iPhone. Find my Iphone service has a security blemish which permitted the hackers to continuously guess a users log-in information. Numerous attempts did not result in any repercussion and eventually it got locked out after number of failed attempts. This resulted in the hackers being able to break into the users accounts. Some tech experts were quick to find out that Apple ignored the most important fact that with right tools Apples ID can be easily cracked down. People became scared and it was imperative on Apples part to make things work again in the right way. Molly Jacobson, Account executive at National Strategies Public Relations commented that after the security breach, Apple should have come up with a more polished statement than its sub standard one which it issued. Hackers ability to access personal files is just not acceptable. Molly went on to add that hacking of such personal files is way more dangerous than getting access to someones bank account details. With hacking of bank accounts, funds can be refunded, but not peoples reputation with hacking of such private files. A problem that needed a quick action from Apple and they did just that. To counter the breach in security problem, Apple released a statement that deal with the issue of security. If hackers do try to get into elses iCloud account, notification emails will be send to the users alerting them about the matter. It also has two dynamic passwords authentication classification that texts users a randomized admission code. The security got strengthened but users were advised to change or update their passwords on a regular basis. Moreover, they were suggested to use passwords that are complex in nature including both the uppercase and lowercase letters as well as symbols. Passwords with birthdays and names of people are an easy way in for hackers. Users were advised to avoid these for their own benefits. Remembering a lot of passwords can be a tag difficult, but with password manager program things have become easy. This tool will generate passwords randomly and stock them in a protected vault. Users thus, just need to remember one in order to safeguard the others. Problem 2: iOS8 malfunction Problems with iOS8 delayed the much anticipated release of HealthKit apps. The apps were supposed to be released with the launch of iPhone 6. The iOS8s faulty nature made developers delay the release of the apps. Some common issues with the App were that some of the new iPhones were incapable to make calls and problems of using third party key boards were also there. A report published in Crittercism stated that iOS8s crash percentage was 78% more than what people experienced with iOS7. The company had some problems with its internal employees too with certain rumors doing the rounds that the workers do not get proper time for meals or being kept waiting for hours beyond their duty periods for supervisors to go through their private stuff (Keating 2016). The added up time for that did not provide with any wages that as reported amounted to around $1500. However, everybody wants to be a part of a successful organization and people working in Apple are no different. Problems do occur, its like part and parcel of an organisations life, Apple has been facing a lot of issues recently but that have not been able to bog down the giant. It has come up with solutions every time there has been a problem. Its how quickly a firm can react to a certain situation and make things work again is what puts it at different level than the rest (Coombs and Holladay 2013). Recommended Solutions to the Professional Accounting and Public Relation problem of the Apple Inc. Ways to improve the accounting system of Apple Inc. Controls System both internal and the external one Reporting of any problem if there is any Sometimes organizations do take outside help from other accounting solution organizations in seeking the best technical advice that in turn helps the client company to improve its financial reports (Hazelton 2013). Outsourcing this will leave the company to focus on areas of its primary concern. Every organisation has its own needs and the accounting solution company must be able to cater the need of that company and come up with the best possible solutions, building a strong relationship and a steady base for the clients business success. It can also provide its assistance to the client company in accounting recruiting and providing them with proper training and control to both the new and the existing staffs (Kristensen and Israelsen 2013). It generally provides the technical accounting recommendation, internal audits, expert imminent to offer substitute treatment and solutions. Apple and SAP are in partnership to transform work. The two giants have come together to reform the mobile use experience. They have vowed to provide people with better life experience and shaping the world for today and tomorrow. They are going to combine the powerful apps of SAP HANA Cloud and SAP S/4HANA, collectively with iOS, building the most strong and secure mobile stage for projects, delivering people with live data from wherever and whenever they decide to work. SAP will be a real boost for Apple to stay ahead in the competition. With this joining of hands between the two giants Apple plans to build up user friendly apps with proper assistance from the German firm (Apple 2016). According to reports from Reuters, Apple has been in partnership with other big firms like IBM and Cisco which has enabled them to reach to global business professionals. Apple and its Public Relation technique: Apple has been a champion of silent techniques when it comes to PR campaigns. Apples public relation campaigns have always been like this, even when it was not this popular. It has always maintained that its products do not need those long boring funny ads to let people know what makes those products so important in peoples life (Olasky 2013). Apple believes their products speak for themselves. Apple has always been able to maintain that hype, that buzz around its products. They have been highly successful in creating that suspense that is generally witnessed on and before the launch of any Apple product (Apple 2016). Over the years, Apple has been getting the love of the people; it has some of the most loyal customer base in the market. Even at the time of crisis the company has used this silent technique to turn around things for good (Broom et al. 2013). Fig. 1 Apples PR structure to launch new products Apple believes in: Communication is the key to a brand- Apple has been very disciplined in its silent ways of product launches and keeping itself at bay to unnecessary media wars. It does not have thousand stories to build around its product, things in Apple gets described from the top. Apple connects in the most amazing way with its users. Even in the social media every customer tweets, comments, problems are being addressed and one can easily point out that Apple do not use generic responses to communicate with their customers, real humans gives real replies and that connects well with the people (Hitt et 2012). Negative online reviews are hard to stop with so many social networks working, but it is the duty of the public relation to keep a track of these conversations where bad things are said about the company (Damsio et al. 2012). The public relation must be able to reply to the point and clearly as and when required (Dozier et al. 2013). Apples unique way of press releases- Steve Jobs is the face of Apple and how astonishingly he is the man who approves all the press releases that comes out of the company. Apple is not in the habit of holding many press releases; they say something when they have something very important to say. No matter how big a company is, a press release on product description or enhancement is important (Heracleous and Papachroni 2012). Journalists are an important section of the media. It is always advisable to call journalists who are trustworthy and Apple has been inviting some top ones its press releases, arranging first row seats for them and handing them with the products before a launch. It has implemented its silent techniques on journalists too who have gone a little too far in revealing about its products (Parsons 2016). On one or two occasions it has even send letters to the top journalists who have been a bit too open about their latest launches. Culture marketing is becoming vital in PR- One section of Apples PR division is in the charge of focusing on high profile people and make them or in other words mould them to use Apple products (Menzel 2013). In the problem section related to Public relations it was reported that iCloud breach of security was a major problem which effected high profile celebrities too. There are two ways to tackle this situation: Killing the security question: Password reset questions are silly things that have long being laughed on. Those questions are very easy to guess especially when the client is a high profile one, with everything about them mentioned all over the web (Jefkins 2016). It is much safer to retrieve a password reset link from the mail of users who have forgotten their passwords. With presence of physical mailing address in the file Apple can mail them a one-time recovery mail. It was suggested in a daily report that Apple can also charge some cents or two dollars to the users who have lost both the password and the access to the mail. Make Passwords delinquents prove themselves in person: Cornell computer security professor Ari Juels, recommended for a faster last resort revival method: demanding that password limbos must prove their uniqueness in person. People do not have that habit of going to a counter and resetting passwords themselves, they are more into submission of documents and getting things done. Apple does have its retail outlets in many countries, so all that the user needs to do is to be there physically at one of the genius bars, prove themselves and get the password reset. The company can also work in tandem with banks and post offices who will work as authentication authorities. In case of Apples iOS8 dilemma it reacted quickly which is important in this kind of situations. Within one week of new iPhones hitting the market, it released an updated version of iOS 8 which was iOS 8.0.1. However, problems still existed even with the updated version. Users were having difficulty to use the fingerprint reading Touch ID. Apple went further and came up with a new update, iOS 8.0.2 which would fix the problems arising from the use of iOS 8.0.1. Things like this happen; errors can bypass the testing system. It so happens that real problems do emerge in real situations so every issue cannot be predetermined and tested for possible solutions (Culbertson and Chen 2013). Sometimes the solution has been lightning quick, sometimes a bit lagged as was in the case of iCloud security breach. It is a brand that people have been made for, so much so that its new launches witnesses people being in tents for days to get their first hand on the products (Cutlip 2013). It has got very loyal customer base and Apple will do anything to hold onto it forever for people are the biggest strengths for ant organisation. Peoples belief in Apple brand is immense and it is in the hands of the company to strengthen that bond further with a little more detailing and care for its customers. Apples public relation campaigns are something that others can take a leaf or two out of it to have success. It teaches on how to successfully use PR techniques to create a buzz, and launch products with proper accomplishment and favorable reviews with consumer recognition (Grunig 2013). Apple has been a role model for many other firms of different sectors. Companies like this are examples for others to follow. Not every company has the potential to be in the same page with that of Apple but things can be better with a proper design or model of an organization whose success stories speaks for themselves. Conclusion: Apple Inc has been a market leader everywhere, not only in Australia only. It has had some issues but it has taken things in its stride, gone back to the drawing board and make things work again. Problems are related to its accounting, management and public relations but it is bound to be there because of its high tech submission, using the highest enterprise application software (Smith 2012). This report takes into account all the possibilities and situations that have been faced by the company over the years. Apple has been quick to react at times, like in case of iOS 8, and sometimes it was slow to start off like in case of iCloud breach of security. But it has come long years and taken giant steps to be in the place where it is now. Apple has been tactically good in partnering with SAP to make its device more powerful. These decisions have ensured it retains the position of market leader. Market and environment will always present challenges, but it is the ability of the firm to turn those challenges into success and move along. Apple has kept things compact and it has not changed those successful techniques even after being highly successful. Apple has not been too loud when things have gone out of control, they have been holding things tight, and with the excellent talent at their bay its always easy to come back strong. Tim Cook has been instrumental after Steve Jobs in carrying on the good work. References: Apple (Australia). (2016).Business. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Aug. 2016]. Apple (Australia). (2016).Labour Human Rights - Supplier Responsibility - Apple (AU). [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Aug. 2016]. Bebbington, J. and Larrinaga, C., 2014. Accounting and sustainable development: An exploration.Accounting, Organizations and Society,39(6), pp.395-413. Broom, G.M., Sha, B.L. and Seshadrinathan, S., 2013.Cutlip Center's effective public relations. Essex, England: Pearson Education. Christensen, C., 2013.The innovator's dilemma: when new technologies cause great firms to fail. Harvard Business Review Press. Coombs, W.T. and Holladay, S.J., 2013.It's not just PR: Public relations in society. John Wiley Sons. Culbertson, H.M. and Chen, N., 2013.International public relations: A comparative analysis. Routledge. Cutlip, S.M., 2013.The unseen power: Public relations: A history. Routledge. Damsio, M.J., Dias, P. and Andrade, J.G., 2012. The PR Pyramid: Social media and the new role of Public Relations in organizations.Revista Internacional de Relaciones Pblicas,2(4), pp.11-30. Dewey, J. and Rogers, M.L., 2012.The public and its problems: An essay in political inquiry. Penn State Press. Dozier, D.M., Grunig, L.A. and Grunig, J.E., 2013.Manager's guide to excellence in public relations and communication management. Routledge. Fogliasso, C.E. and Williams, A., 2014. 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A Simple Way to Complete an Outstanding Analytical Essay

A Simple Way to Complete an Outstanding Analytical Essay A Simple Way to Complete an Outstanding Analytical Essay It doesn’t matter what academic assignment you have: a simple descriptive essay or a research paper on physics. Knowing the basic principles will always help you to complete any sort of a task with minimum affords. Analytical essay is not an exception. It is a paper, where you need to analyze and interpret an event, piece of art or situation. You need to show your critical thinking and apply all of the knowledge you have gained. Decide what will be the center of your work. Any analytical essay concentrates on a topic, certain quote or issue. That is why you need to analyze the subject and decide what aspects you will focus on. Include facts on a matter to support your point of view, even if your essay is written about a book or a movie; Choose your topic. Usually professors give a topic to write about but sometimes you can choose it yourself. Here is where the most problems arise and most of the students simply don’t know how to manage the task properly. If it is a movie or a book analysis, you can back your opinion with actions of various characters. You can also analyze motives of actors or participants. If it is a historical event, don’t forget to describe the things that influenced it. As well as use scientific tools for an academic topic; Start with a thesis statement. It is one of the most important parts of any assignment, as it gives the reader a chance to understand whether he wants to go on reading. A thesis statement of an analytical essay should back your ideas and give the reader a chance to see what issues you are going to discuss; Back your thoughts with evidence. You should pay great attention to all the materials you are dealing with, as they will be later used to back your ideas. Use films, books or any other materials to support your statement and add additional evidence to your thesis. It is a great idea to explain various events or situations, which happened before the described events and their influence on the matter; Write a plan of your paper. Completing an outline may greatly simplify your life, as you will be able to always stick to the plan and remember what thinks you wanted to write about. A regular analytical essay consists of a short introduction, body and conclusions. The body paragraphs contain main information on the matter, so here you need to indicate all of the most important features on the subject. Example of an analytical essay plan: Introduction Section 1: Causes of the event Section 2: Description of the event Part 3: Reaction of the characters Conclusions Compose your analytical essay    Write the introduction. Any introduction requires careful attention to details, as it gives the reader an overall impression and encourages him to go on reading. That is why you need to be innovative and make your topic as attractive as possible. However, don’t include too many facts and details, as they may easily bore the audience. You should also try to avoid dramatic elements, like exclamation marks, as an analytical essay always remains subjective; Write body paragraphs. There is a great way to complete your body paragraphs in a simple way. You should only divide them into three parts: Write down the main sentence; Analyze the text; Include a certain fact, which will confirm your thesis and text analysis. Every paragraph should correspond with your thesis statement and provide a deep understanding of the topic. Don’t be in a hurry and complete a thorough analysis of all statements; Wisely choose a place for quotes and paraphrases. Any time you want to use someone else’s thoughts or phrases, you need to quote them inside the text. With such citations, you support your ideas or provide useful information, so it is important to add quotes to relevant paragraphs. Make sure you cite everything properly depending on the required formatting style; Write down the conclusions. When working on this section, you need to remind the audience your main statements on the topic. It is also possible to paraphrase the thesis but make it sound different from the introduction section. Provide different ideas and conclusions to make the reader think on the topic. Your opinion shouldn’t influence someone else’s assessment but still it is useful to write a couple sentences on your own ideas. Final stage Go through your paper over and over again to avoid any mistakes, including lexical and grammatical ones. Even the best paper can receive lower marks if it contains lots of mistakes and complex sentences. That is why you need to make sure that you spend enough time on correcting possible errors. If you find it difficult, ask someone to help; Read your analytical essay aloud. Students often neglect this common practice. However, it can greatly help you to concentrate on the sections, which you didn’t pay attention to. You may also see what sections or even phrases sound too complicated and which are readable. Making one step at a time, you will be able to complete an outstanding essay, which will be smooth and interesting; Eliminate all possible spelling mistakes. There is nothing worse than writing names, locations and places with mistakes. Take your time and consult several various sources to make sure you spell such information correctly. The best tips you will ever get It will be much easier to write down your thesis statement if you understand what you are willing to prove. Your opinion may change throughout the work, so you should simply alter the thesis statement a bit; Stick to the point. Some students think that writing a long essay, filled with watery sentences, is a great solution. However, any professor will agree that your analytical essay should be brief and clear. Every sentence you write should analyze a certain matter and be backed by a research; Don’t use too many quotes. Of course, it is great to use quotes and citations of scholarly sources and other authors. However, loading your text with too many details will simply do you harm, as your professor may think that you don’t have any personal thoughts on the subject; Be innovative. It is difficult to stand out from hundreds of other works, so finding a way to differ is crucial if you want to be noticed. If the topic allows, write your essay in a form of an autobiography or a letter. In addition, you can add infographics, illustrations and provocative titles to engage the reader; No everyday language. If your essay is analytical and requires a critical approach, it is necessary to avoid everyday phrases. If you decide to use slang you can sound unprofessional, which may greatly influence your final grades and overall impression from the text.

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Short essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Short - Essay Example For an industry to succeed in a competitive market, it should focus on two common trainings, the general management training and functional training. The main aim of training is to offer cordial services which reflect friendly and warmth required in a highly competitive market. Training also maintains the image of self-assurance and influence in the employees’ mind. As per my understanding, in a commercial aviation, comprehensive training motivate the employees by providing them with information on the expectation of the industry, skills of handling passengers as well as the regulations that guides the operation in an industry. The second main motivator to my success in a competitive commercial aviation is the creation of high-performance service delivery team. A good number of aviation services require teamwork to necessitate the delivery of impeccable services to customers. Effectual teamwork in aviation industry in most cases facilitates skills and knowledge sharing among t eam members. On the other hand, I am also motivated to work in a competitive aviation industry by recognition and recompense for a mission well accomplished. Apt reward system forms the key policy for motivation in an industry. ... Explain. I am comfortable in working with students from different cultural, political, social, racial, and religion backgrounds. My past experiences have helped me in coming up with several ways of adopting with people from different backdrop. In my initial stage of coping with students from diverse background, I will create a conscious decision aimed at establishing tangible friendship. In developing a substantial friendship with people from different background, I will make sure that, I understand the cultural diversity of people in my presence. After identifying the existing background, I will place myself in a situation which will facilitate meetings with students from different cultural settings. Attending meetings, celebrations as well as looking for other resourceful means of meeting students from different background will assist me in interacting with many students from different cultural background. I will then identify the biasness and misconceptions relating to different c ultural background. To facilitate cordial relationship with people from different cultural backgrounds, the understanding of cultural misinformation is extremely crucial. The understanding of other student’s cultural misconception will help me in asking relevant question concerning their views, customs, and culture. To get a deep understanding on cultural background of different students, reviewing of their culture and history literature is also vital. On the other hand, to cope well with people from different cultural background, it is important to listen to other people history, show a sense of caring, understand different communication values and styles, make a risk of making mistakes as well as